Program details on all aspects of the ICRC 2021 are accessible through the Indico event and conference management system. Details about all plenary talks and contributions (short talks, posters) and the scheduling of all events of the conference are kept here.

Timetable | Basic Structure

Timetable | Basic Structure (pdf)


The core time span is 14:00-18:00 h in Berlin time.

To accommodate participants from time zones from Tokyo (Berlin +7 h) to Los Angeles (Berlin -9 h), the conference schedule is centred around  16:00 h  Berlin time. In the core time, plenary presentations are scheduled which are live streamed:

Invited review talks  (blue; ~10 x 45 min),
highlight talks  (pink; ~20 x 30 min),
rapporteur talks  (yellow; 8 x 45 min).


Before and after the core time:

Conference Contributions (short talks or posters) are available online (pre-recorded) throughout the conference and can be viewed at any time.

In topical discussion sessions (green; before and after the core time), contributions that are relevant to the respective topic of the session are discussed. 

Topical discussion sessions are organised in parallel (up to 5 parallels x 12 sessions x 90 min).


For more information visit Q&A (Indico).


Cosmic Ray Physics
Gamma Ray Astronomy
Neutrino Astronomy & Physics
Dark Matter Physics
Solar & Heliospheric Physics

Multi-Messenger Astronomy         *** new:  connects the classical topics, exploits their combination.
Outreach & Education                  *** new:  a small fringe meeting on methods and activities in O & E.