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The templates for the proceedings can be downloaded from here [ZIP] (if you had problems compiling, please use the updated version linked now) in formats of LaTeX and OpenDocumentText. Authors presenting on behalf of a collaboration have the possibility to provide a full list of collaboration authors at the end of the pdf contribution which will not count against the page limit. In addition, the collaborations can submit a xml-file of their author list to publish this information in the DOI reference.

Please use the author.xml file schema as described in and do not use any non-ASCII characters nor TeX expressions in the file. To download the template, go to  The upload of the xml authors list is independent of the pdf-version of your proceedings paper.

The proceedings are an integral part of the ICRC conference to adequately document the state of the field in one place, and are therefore indeed mandatory for all contributions, regardless of whether it is a paper or a poster. The proceedings should reflect the content presented in the talk/poster which usually differs from an associated paper due to didactic reasons and/or time/space constraints. In this sense, a reference to a (forthcoming) publication is not sufficient. We therefore kindly ask you to prepare the proceedings and upload them until the given (final) deadline.

In case of questions, please contact

All proceedings article will be accessable here: